This Week's Podcast : Episode: 5, Ecommerce Website Design Brisbane

Hi Everyone,

We have recorded a new podcast for our channel 'Web Design Brisbane'.

You can find the youtube video for this podcast embedded below.

Just to give you a little 'behind the scenes' information, I have posted below our show notes.

You will also find below some recent work from our portfolio, as well as directions to find us in Brisbane, Australia.

Of course, our goal is to share our knowledge of web design, web development and web marketing. We want to help you grow your business!

If you have any feedback, please let me know.

Cheers Saul Edmonds

Here is our notes for the podcast recording: Enjoy!



This Week's Podcast Show Notes:

Today's Introduction
Today we will talk about ecommerce website design and asking the question: " What are the best ecommerce website platforms?"

Our goal is to help small business owners, startups and entrepreneurs - in the city of Brisbane, Australia - take their opportunities to the next level with brilliant website design.

If you are from another location or city, welcome! Thanks for joining us today and we hope we can help you grow your business, in the online space.

Today's Topics
Today we focus on getting started with ecommerce web design services.

That journey usually begins with choosing an ecommerce platform. We'll start with an overview of the most popular ecommerce platforms available today, which are the best ecommerce platforms for small business and how to choose the best ecommerce platform for you and your business goals.

Let's Get Started!

Today, the most popular ecommerce platforms are:

·       Magento

·       Shopify

·       Prestashop

·       BigCommerce

·       Drupal

·       OpenCart

·       WooCommerce

Which are the best ecommerce platforms for getting started with selling online?

The top 3 platforms are:

1.     Magento

2.     Shopify

3.     BigCommerce

Why are these recommended?
They offer a complete ecommerce solution - where you can start small and add as you go. They have everything your need to get selling online including: customisable templates, shopping carts, plus easy ways to optimise for SEO and integrate your social channels.

Some other key questions:

·       How do these compare with WooCommerce?

·       What about selling on Facebook?

·       What are some tips on choosing the right ecommerce platform for you?

Well there you have it!
Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoyed the podcast.

Saul Edmonds
Founder and Creative Director of Roundhouse, The Creative Agency.

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